Apply for housing

Apply for housing

Apply for and look at housing types here (we show all of our housing types, not just those that are available).
For more information about being a tenant, please se the pages In residence.

Read the Enclosure to the rental agreement here.

You can apply electronically all through the year. For students starting college during the fall, housing offers will be given continuously after mid-April.

If you are studying or have applied to study at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science you can apply for student housing services. If the houses are not filled up, Studentsamskipnaden holds the opportunity to rent out houses to others than students. All applicants must be over the age of 18.

In order to keep your place in the line for a student house offer, you have to activate your application every 30th day, you will be notified about this. If you fail to active it, your application will be deleted automatically. Sadly, we do not hold the capacity to answer all the applications, and it is therefore only those who receive an offer who will hear back from us.
Your application will be marked as “pending” until you receive an offer. Tip: apply for several places on your application (you can only have one active application with up to 6 housing types).

When the offers have been given, and you know if you got in or not, you have the option of withdrawing from housing services by the 25th of July without paying extra. This is only an option if your tenancy starts in August. If you have a tenancy starting before August, a resignation notice will be required.
Cancellation is handed in to Studentsamskipsnaden in Innlandet,