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Moving in

Moving in

Signing of the rental agreement
You will get an e-mail when you are assigned a room. You find the agreement by logging in to your page.

About signing rental contracts with BankID: To sign a rental contract electronically with BankID, you need a norwegian bank account with BankID. (Ask your bank about this, if you do not have a BankID). You can sign the rental agreement by choosing the option “Sign” in the “Contract history”.
This option activates BankID-signing. Follow the instructions in the procedure and you will be led through the signing process step by step.
To sign with BankID is simple, safe and as binding as a handwritten signature.

About signing rental agreement without BankID: For the applicants who does not have a BankID or for other reasons want to sign with a handwritten signature, the procedure is the following:
1. Download the rental contract (PDF file) by using the option button “Download” and print out the contract.
2. Sign the agreement, scan the signed agreement, and sendt it back as an email to

Where do I get my key?
International Office at Campus have assigned student buddies to the international students, and they will meet you on arrival with your key and other information about your accommodation.
Others may collect the key at SINNs Office at Campus during our opening hours. Remeber to bring your ID (passport).

What should I bring?
Furnished rooms have bed, wardrobe, desk with chair. Some rooms have Bookshelf, not all.
Unfurnished flats have no furniture, only wardrobe.
You will get information from the Internationsl office about what to bring and what you can get here.