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Counselling service

Counselling service

Are you feeling unhappy, struggling with relationship problems, anxiety/depression, eating disorder, sleeping disorder, poor self-esteem – or do you just need someone to share your thoughts and concerns with?

Counselling services offers

  • Individual counselling sessions
  • Courses
  • Help you get in touch with the right people to talk to


  • Free of charge
  • Book appointment in advance
  • Confidentiality

Make an apointment

Contact counsellor


Studentcounsellor Kristin F. Gunstad
Phone: 916 21 478

Studentcounsellor Lise Haukebø
Phone: 900 75 875

Opening hours: Monday – thursday  09.00-15.00
Visit us: Gudbrandsdalsvegen 350 (We are located at the 1st floor at Internatet, SINN, Lillehammer)

Hamar and Blæstad

Studentcounsellor Erna Bragadottir
Phone: 906 44 758

Studentcounsellor Mette Skaug
Phone: 414 04 194

Opening hours: Monday – friday 09.00-15.00
Visit us: Grønnegata 70, 2315 Hamar (entrance by the administration by SINN)


Studentcounsellor Heidi Auale
Phone: 970 61 114

Opening hours: All days (except tuesday) 09.00-15.00
Visit us: Hamarvegen 112, 2412 Elverum (We are located at the 2th floor at Terningen Café)


Studentcounsellor Stine Mæhlen
Phone: : 906 92 847

Opening hours: Tuesday, wednesday and thursday  09.00-15.00
Visit us: Telthusvegen 12, 2450 Rena (We are located downstairs )


Studentcounsellor Stine Mæhlen
Phone: : 906 92 847

Opening hours: Every second thursday
Visit us: Campus Evenstad (We are loacted at the 2th floor opposite the cafeteria)

Project living habits 
Project Manager Cesilie Robertsen
Phone: 906 31 991