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Our residential areas have access to laundry with washing machines and dryers.
At Evenstad,  Blæstad,  Rena, Holteskogen at Lillehammer and Torggt. 13 at Hamar there are manuell systems.  You will find detailed information in the laundry rooms.

The other areas have electronic systems for reservation and payment. You receive your username and password together wit your laudry card/chip.
In the laundry portal you can deposit money on your laundry card and reserve time on the washing machine (not necessary). Log in and choose the laudry belonging to your student housing here:


When you move in at Lillehammer, Hamar or Elverum, you will receive a laundry card/chip.
Remember to hand in your chip/card when moving out of your student house. If you lose or misplace it, you will have to transfer the money on the chip/card back into your banking account. By visiting our reception you will receive a new chip/card.

It is possible to receive an SMS when your laundry is done, this service is free of charge and is an option you can select when you use your chip/card on the machines.

You must remember:
– Remove bra underwire (or use wash bags) and remove lose items from your pockets.
– Check that the temperature is correct in regards of the instruction found on your clothing.
– Pick up your laundry after washing it, noone else will take care of it if you don’t.
– Clean the filter on the dryers after use.
– The washing machines can, if not arranged otherwise, only be used between 07.00-23.00.